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How it all began

Our life journeys are amazing. It happens whether we are aware or unconscious thereof. It leads us to where we are at, as well as prepare us for what is to come.

Post the days of tertiary education, the journey started at medical sales and management (orthopaedic, surgical and optometric), then venturing to advertising. The advertising world exposed me to various types of media where brands and products could be communicated to their respective target markets, be it print, audio-visual, digital or by means of events. Along with this learning, the discipline for attention to detail and time management (tight deadlines) were key factors for managing a brand portfolio. It was probably the best arena for developing my administrative skills, client communication along with having to balance risk, project planning and accountability.

Since being introduced and having worked in the Advertising sector, it was time to learn newer and insightful things. This then led me to market research. I was fortunate to work at a market research company that was innovative at the time and offered research information via audio-visual means, in a digital format. My role at this company further shaped and sharpened my Administrative skills, to the point where I managed the finance and administration department. From there, I was exposed to more aspects of business management and administration. It was this exposure that brought me to the idea of helping others (individuals and businesses) to be more efficient and better at administration, which is the corner stone of every successful enterprise.

Better Days Admin Assist was born from this idea, where I first started as a freelancer, then decided to treat it as a business.

Service Offering:

Office Administration:

  • Manage and update mandatory affiliations info eg. Compansation commissioner anual fees, CPIC, SARS Tax Clearance Certificate application & renewals.
  • Load & pay EMP201/VAT (SARS e-filing)
  • HR Administration (Employee file updates, leave, etc)
  • Bookkeeping – Sage, Quickbooks & Xero experience
  • Online banking
  • Office management & Administrative staff Training.
Admin staff

Administration can be likened to the oil that lubricates the engine of a machine.  If there is no oil, the engine ceases.

Why Better Days Admin Assist?

With years of experience and exposure to different businesses, and utilization of current technology, Better Days Admin Assist sets out to alleviate the administrative workload of small businesses leaving the business owner to focus on what they do best.

Training for current and upcoming admin executives, managers allows for the realisation of:

  • The importance of proper office administration.
  • The importance of maintaining and updating business compliance records.
  • The importance of respectable business conduct, physical or electronic, with colleague and client.


Better Days Admin Assist to become the first choice administration partner to all businesses.


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